Paul Giesberg

I am an experienced professional in sustainable development. The key areas of my expertise are strategy development and project direction. I am interested in innovation and blue sky thinking as much as in improving efficiency of technical processes.

I support a wide range of sectors ranging from general commercial and residential real estate, infrastructure, waste management to the land use sector. Within my organisation, Planning for Sustainability ltd, I am supported by an exceptional team of specialist consultants providing my projects with a wide range of technical input.

The National Planning Policy Framework includes a presumption in favour of sustainable development. A key challenge under the new regime is defining in tangible terms what sustainable development means for any specific project. The breadth of the issues that need to be considered inherently risks threatening the commercial viability of a project by adding to the cost or delaying the planning and design progression.

I have developed a strategic approach to sustainable development that supports your projects in achieving an outstanding design that meets both the planning requirements and your commercial aims. Our approach is built around the structured progression of a development project from needs analysis and site selection through to detailed design and construction.

Delivered by our team of skilled and experienced professionals our approach ensures that you as the developer remain in the driving seat of the delivery of your project. You will remain master of the costs and the programme.